03 March 2013

Photos: Iditarod 2013

Since my weekends have been rather stressful for the last month, I'm taking it easy this time 'round. The local newspaper/birdcage liner/fishwrapper has a photo essay here. (Don't laugh; that's how its used.)


from www.adn.com


Old NFO said...

Fishwrap is fishwrap... LOL

Rev. Paul said...

True. And that's frequently all the Daily Worker, er, News is good for.

Stephen said...

Hey, ask one of those dog jockeys if they have room for a rider. I'd love it.

Rev. Paul said...

Stephen, they carry a couple hundred pounds of dog (for musher & dogs), along with gear. The time to ride along is at their kennels, where you can pay to try your hand at mushing, too.

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Ah, one of the few articles in the Daily Worker that can be counted on to be mostly true.

Those are some happy dogs!

Take it easy, and have some fun taking it slow, eh?

Rev. Paul said...

Wing, truer words were never written than your first statement.

Watching the sled dogs do what they love to do is the biggest part of the fun.

This has been a very slow weekend - mostly I just put my feet up & have been reading the whole time. Sometimes, you just hafta do that. :)

Jim Misko said...

I'm following the Iditarod closely this year because both Seavey and Mackey are in it and could be winners. Both Mitch Seavey and Dick Mackey, their fathers, helped me with dog driving info for my novel FOR WHAT HE COULD BECOME. Dick, who wrote ONE SECOND TO GLORY, wrote a blurb for my novel. Great guy.