10 March 2013

Sunday Iditarod Update #2

Mitch Seavey is first to Bering Sea coast; Burmeister close behind

A sprint to the Bering Sea coast unfolded Sunday morning that began with Aaron Burmeister breaking trail and ended with Mitch Seavey pulling ahead near the end of the 85-mile run to grab the gold.

Seavey reached Unalakleet around 10:15 a.m., about 15 minutes ahead of Aaron Burmeister, to bag $2,500 in gold nuggets and etch his family name at the top of a long list of Iditarod heroes who have won the coveted award for being the first musher into the coastal village.

“A long run,” Seavey said. “My dogs are kind of tired from yesterday, on the river.”

The whole story is here.


PioneerPreppy said...

So do they have time limitations for how far into the night or how early they can start?

Rev. Paul said...

PioneerPreppy, there are mandatory rest periods to protect the dogs, and the mushers can vary the times of those to a certain extent. The layovers are mandatory, but the racing in-between stops can be as easy or as hard as the musher & his team can make it.