07 March 2013

Thursday Morning: Iditarod Update

Four-time champion Mackey is first to reach race's halfway mark
Gold, old and cold were the keywords Wednesday in the 1,000-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

Gold, because that's what four-time champion Lance Mackey collected when he beat everyone to the race's halfway point. Mackey was awarded $3,000 in gold upon his 8:36 p.m. arrival in Iditarod, the ghost town that marks the halfway point on the southern route of the race.

Full story here. 

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A few days ago, a light plane with three Iditarod volunteers crashed, killing all aboard. Now there's another crash to report.
A plane flying in support of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race flipped while taking off from a checkpoint, but the pilot and passenger were able to walk away from the crash, according to Alaska State Troopers.

It's the second Iditarod-related plane crash in two days.


armedlaughing said...

Re: plane crashes - prayers for all concerned.


Rev. Paul said...

Those are always in order, gfa. This has been a tough winter for light aircraft in AK.

ProudHillbilly said...

Sounds like dog sled is safer.

Rev. Paul said...

PH, you're right. But see the story in the most recent post (above) where a rookie fell asleep & off his sled. That's not the first time, either. :^)