22 May 2015

Friday Wrap-Up: Flooding, and the Walrus Cam is Back!

You know it's been busy when a normal day (yesterday) was boring. But I'm okay with "boring". Don't know about you, but I'm ready for a long weekend.

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Anyone who's watched "Ice Road Truckers" is more-or-less familiar with the 300 miles of road between Fairbanks and Alaska's North Slope. They've had troubles this year with the road flooding during break-up (i.e., the spring thaw). Now it's flooded again (with more pix at the link):

DEADHORSE -- Unprecedented flooding continues to interfere with daily operations on the North Slope oil patch after surging waters wiped away swaths of the Dalton Highway and isolated a section of Deadhorse, the jumping-off point for the sprawling industrial region.

“This is just epic,” said Mike Coffey, commander of the unified incident command, a response team consisting of the state, the North Slope Borough and oil companies. “People who have been here for decades say they’ve never seen anything like it.”

The state has estimated the costs of the damage and repairs since March at $5.1 million. The federal government may pay for much of that, since the icing and flooding on the highway has been declared a disaster, said Coffey, the director of state transportation maintenance and operations.

The event was caused by heavy summer rains followed by extensive freezing this winter, trapping the water in place, then a rapid spring warmup that has brought record temperatures to the region.
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The walrus cam is back on-line. From explore.org comes this sample vid-cap:


A popular webcam showing large male Pacific walruses lying on the beach with a Hitchcockian number of seabirds flying overhead is once again streaming to the Internet.

The high-definition stream from Alaska's remote Round Island had been dormant for nearly a decade after private funding ran out, but a high-definition version is back now, thanks to a philanthropic organization that operates a series of nature webcams from around the planet. The walrus cam, part of the Pearls of the Planet series, can be viewed here.

21 May 2015

Police Blotter: Time for Bible Class!

Public Safety
Officer advised an intoxicated man who had swayed from a bar to his car that he should not drive and would be arrested if he did so. The inebriate complained about being treated unfairly.

Suspicious Person/Liquor Law Violation
Officers responded to a report that a group of men were damaging a small trailer and discovered that one young man, having had an unpleasant phone call with his girlfriend, had “accidentally” punched the trailer. Damage to the trailer was minor. One young man was cited for Minor in Possession after officers discovered that the intoxicated man who had punched the trailer was underage.

Drunk Disturbance
Caller reported three drunks stumbling, shouting and urinating in, on and about Airport Beach Road. An officer located the drunks and advised them of the various safety problems and legal issues associated with their behavior.

Public Safety
Caller reported an intoxicated male at the Unalaska Visitor Center. Officers responded and contacted the subject who said he was trying to purchase an Alaska flag. Officer advised the subject to go home and return when he sobers up. Subject complied.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Officers responded to faint cries for help at the CEM dock. Upon arrival Officers observed an individual in the water, under the dock, sitting on a float. Officers were able to extricate the subject who was later determined to be inebriated. The subject said he wanted to go for a swim, jumped in off the dock and somehow ended up under the dock. Ambulance responded and subject signed a refusal form.

Suspicious Person/Activity
An itinerant told police that the sounds of sex in the parking lot in which he was sleeping had kept him awake for at least five hours. When he tried to locate the source of the sounds, disembodied voices began calling him a pervert and threatening to kill him, all of which he believed was in reference to the pornography he had earlier viewed on the library computer. The itinerant later advised an officer that he thought the voices were probably just in his head, and that he planned to attend Bible study in the morning.


It's not as crazy today as it has been, so here I am, swinging by the ol' blog to see what's going on.

As If We Needed More Proof Dept: Alaska, Washington senators file bill to build Arctic icebreakers -

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., have introduced a bill that would authorize the Navy to build up to six icebreakers for use by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Murkowski and Cantwell said the Coast Guard and the Navy need the icebreakers -- which cost billions of dollars -- to complete their missions and keep up with Russia and China’s growing icebreaker fleets and activity in the Arctic.

And here we all thought the polar ice cap was shrinking. Apparently the only threat in the Arctic Ocean is ice (and the Russians and Chinese, with their own fleets of ice breakers). So much for global warming.

And Here's Yet More Proof Dept: NASA documents Alaska's growing glacier

But I'm sure the warming alarmists will ignore these reports, just as they do with all the others, and then scream "Deniers!" at us.

I'm sick of the whole lot of 'em: Progressive socialists who want to "redistribute" America's wealth, and impose more-and-more restrictive laws on us. Pfooey.

There's not much else of interest to non-residents in the news, so I'll check the Unalaska Police Blotter and see what's going on out there.

Thanks for stopping by!

20 May 2015

I Thought I Was Busy Before

This is an apology to readers for my light-to-nonexistent posting of late.

Many things going on, with tenants moving out and/or retiring, and compounded by a death. Very tragic, and the staff is devastated.

Meanwhile, things to go and people to do ... or something like that.