28 June 2016

Have I Mentioned

how much I hate getting involved in others' lawsuits?

Without going into too much detail, one of our long-time contractors is going through a very, very messy divorce. And the husband-and-wife team is fighting over control of their company.

It's a large company, at least by local standards, with many employees, a fleet of trucks and heavy equipment, trailers, etc.

Even though we haven't used them in over a year, one of the soon-to-be-ex-partners wants us to provide a copy of every scrap of paper and e-mail exchanged from 2003 to 2015. (Hint: it's a lot.)

Have I mentioned that I work alone? As in "there's no staff to whom I can assign the copying duties"?

Grumblegrumblegrumblegrumblegrumble ...

p.s. I did get a kick out of one thing in the request: they want copies of "verbal agreements". 


27 June 2016

Police Blotter: "He Made Me Cry", Sumdood, and a Vampire

Fire Safety / Assistance Rendered
Fire and DPS personnel responded to the apartment of a woman who reported that her smoke alarm was beeping incessantly. An officer helped a homeowner change the batteries in her smoke alarm, so the incessant beeping would stop. The Fire Chief returned to the homeowner's residence a few minutes later and helped her change the batteries in her other smoke alarm, so that it too would quit beeping.

Fire Response / Assistance Rendered
Officers assisted fire personnel with a search for the source of a petrochemical odor. They found it. Fire personnel responded to a residence regarding a report of a petroleum product smell emanating from someplace nearby. The smell was determined to be from recently laid asphalt.

Caller reported having been harassed at, threatened at and fired from his previous place of employment, in October of a previous year. Officers determined that the man had been fired after being caught on video surveillance smoking crack cocaine and allowing non-employees to utilize company sleeping quarters, and that the man had never reported any harassment to his then-supervisors.

[A man], 44 yoa, of Hawaii, was arrested on one count of Assault IV after he punched another man in the face several times. [The man] told officer the victim had made him cry.

[A man], 53 yoa, of Unalaska, was arrested for Driving under the Influence after officers found him passed out behind the wheel of his pickup. [He] was later charged with Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test when he was unable to provide a breath sample.
 "Unable to provide a breath sample"? Are we arresting vampires now? - Ed.

Officers investigated an alleged assault involving one man having possibly been struck by one of a group of unidentified people. The victim was unable to identify his assailant, and the witnesses he named could not be identified or located.
Sumdood dunnit.

3.5 Hours of Sleep

That's what we got last night, due to a 310-mile round trip to Glennallen, AK after dinner. Long story; nothing bad, but didn't get to bed until sometime after 12:30 a.m.

Up at 0415 for work, and I'm definitely feeling it this morning. I'll try to scrape a police blotter post together, later.

Meanwhile, there are lots of great posts from my friends on the sidebar. Help yourself!

26 June 2016

Soggy & Slippery

It rained for most of the night, and although it has tapered off to a heavy drizzle, it's still coming down.

The day dawned early, as Younger Daughter borrowed my truck today, but forgot her house keys. She parked the truck and set the emergency brake ... and discovered she couldn't release it. So she rang the doorbell at 0430, to get help.

Not really her fault. One, the location of my brake release is the hood release on her truck, and it was too dark (because of the rain clouds) to see. And two, the handle broke off of my brake release some time ago, and I never replaced it.

Why the truck swap? I'm glad you asked. Her slightly older truck is experiencing some transmission issues, and I offered to keep it today for the testing thereof.

And yep, it's slipping a bit. Plays hunt and seek on steep hills, before settling into an appropriate gear.

Time for a transmission tune-up, methinks. I doubt it's ever had one, and it has the number of miles at which Fords with automatics typically need that service.

It's always something, ya know?