03 August 2015

Nearly Done

The movers showed up nearly two hours early (and when was the last time you heard of that happening?), so the moving of furniture, etc, was done by 08:30.

I'd like to have busied myself with unpacking boxes and putting things away, but
  1. The new suite doesn't have any cabinets, shelves, or counters on which to store things, and
  2. I won't have shelves at all unless I provide them.

I'm NOT complaining. I've inherited a pair of very large bookshelf units (they're taller than I am), and the office is larger than my old one. So it's all good.

Tomorrow, the painter shows up, and begins making my smudged, smeared, marked walls look our special shade of off-white.

After that, I'll retrieve the pair of visitor chairs which a tenant kindly donated to the cause, and finish putting things away. Or at least, that attempt will quickly identify whether I need more shelves.

But it's a quieter space than the old one, and when the outer door is shut, I can't hear any noise to speak of.

It's been a good day. Now I'll go home and liberally use some Blue Emu or some such thing ... whatever my wife last purchased ... and put my feet up.

Moving Day

A bit busy today. All y'all help yourselves to the free ice cream on the sidebar, and I'll be back later.

02 August 2015

Well, That Worked - and Welcome Aboard

Yesterday I mentioned that Blogger wouldn't display the Nav Bar nor followers' icons, no matter what I tried. In comments on that post, reader Alec suggested starting Firefox in "safe mode", which disables all the add-ons.

It worked. :)

First world problems, admittedly, but still an on-going annoyance.

And now that I can see the icons on the sidebar, let me say "Welcome aboard!" to new-ish followers Ariel and Terra Dactyl.

01 August 2015

Blogger Advice Bleg

I admit it: I must have changed something, but I cannot see the menu bar at the top of my own Blogger page, nor the followers' icons on the sidebar. This has been going on for over a month now.

I can see those things just fine on your page ... and on every other Blogger site on-line. Just not on mine.

I've been through the display and view settings multiple times, changed the template, changed the colors. Heck, I even changed the font.

Nothing works. I think it might have something to do with an https: setting, with those things being termed "non-secure", but I don't know for sure. And I don't know how to change settings so that I can access my own menu.

I'm using Firefox 39.0.  Help?