25 April 2015

Fog and Humidity

It was foggy and very humid with low clouds at 06:00. The fog has thinned to a light haze now, and the low clouds blew away, revealing a higher layer. 

The morning temperature was 70 but AccuHunch guesses it will be the standard 82 and sunny today. The weather guessers have a somewhat easier job here, for the most part: if you predict 82 in the day, and 72 overnight, you'll be correct at least 98% of the time. 

The March of Dimes is conducting a "March for Babies" this morning, so the main drags along Waikiki will be blocked for several hours. Not a good day to try to drive around this part of the city, so I suspect we'll stay put today. 

24 April 2015

Your Humble Correspondent

Here's a picture my wife took this afternoon; I hope your screens survive. :)

Doing the Obligatory

shopping trip of the day. While my bride looks for shoes to match the dress she just bought, I'm firmly ensconced on a cushy couch nearby. 

It's 81 and mostly sunny outside, with a nice breeze to keep the humidity at bay. 

We had a good lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen; I mention that only because there are none in Alaska. The whole point of vacation is to do things one can't do at home, isn't it?  :)

Friday Morning

All of the scheduled activities are done, and nothing remains but to continue relaxing, soaking up the sun and having fun. 

Since I posted a photo of the hula dancers last night, this one's for women  of the feminine persuasion. 

We're headed to the pool now. Aloha!