10 December 2016

Just Another Subzero Morning

The temp is only -1° F., but that still counts.

It's been a fairly standard-issue morning, so far. We slept in, not arising until 0600. Coffee (mandatory), then breakfast at 0800 (scrambled eggs with cheddar and Havarti cheese, and a goodly splash of hot sauce for flavor).

After breakfast, Wife and Older Daughter primped, prepped, and headed out into the wilds of ... well, whichever stores they planned to visit today. I waited until they were done, scraped the hair off my lower face with a sharpened bit of metal, combed what wasn't shaved, and headed into the garage.

Must flatten a stack of boxes. The utility knife is in my tool belt where it belongs, for a change, so I set to work. First, to find a new blade for the knife.

If I had any unused blades (and that's by no means certain), they failed to show themselves. But the old blade wasn't as dull as I thought, so many small- to medium-sized boxes gave their last, until the trash can was filled.

Then off to the gas station to replace the fuel consumed this week, and on to Wally World. Pro-tip: must get to the store early, to avoid the Reavers and zombies which appear by late morning. I must acknowledge, however, that they're far fewer here in Smallville than those encountered in Anchorage.

But I digress.

Located the tool aisle, well-stocked with Stanley products. Started to pick up a 6-pack of blades for $1.78, and then spotted a dispenser of 50 blades for $6.71. My mama may have raised an ugly child, but she never raised a stupid one. :)

Grabbed a few other things, went through self-checkout, and I'm back home with plenty of time to spare.

Now that the sun is above the mountains, and just hitting the trees behind the house, it's time to kick back and enjoy the view.

11:15 a.m.