27 August 2014

Rule 1 Violation, Among Others

Man accidentally shoots himself at Alaska State Fair 
A 37-year-old man was flown to a hospital Tuesday evening from the Alaska State Fair grounds after he accidentally fired a bullet into his lower pelvic region, according to officials with Palmer’s Department of Public Safety.

The unidentified man, his wife and two young children had left the fair and walked to their vehicle in the parking lot near the equestrian center, said Jon Owen, director of public safety in Palmer.

“The children were buckled into the car and he was getting in,” Owen said. “He took his gun out of the holster to put into the door. His finger went onto the trigger and a round was fired.”

"... lower pelvic region"?  OUCH.

p.s. The article goes on to state, "According to the fair’s 2014 Vendor Handbook, “firearms (or any weapons)” are not permitted on the fairgrounds, along with a list of other items including packaged alcoholic beverages, controlled substances and unauthorized hunting knives."

Yeah, good luck with keeping firearms out. There's no provision in State law for prohibiting weapon anywhere except inside buildings. And every single pavilion, building, or other structure would have to be individually posted.

26 August 2014

Sheeple or Zombies?

Or both?

You're Just a Part of the System Man!


From the Alaska Dispatch News:

Army rocket blown up during failed launch in Kodiak 
A test of a new Army weapon failed 4 seconds into flight from the Kodiak Launch Complex early Monday when the rocket went awry and was blown to bits by flight controllers.

The fiery end to the rocket short-circuited the second test of a hypersonic glider designed to fly so fast it can reach anywhere on the globe in about an hour. The test target was the U.S. missile facility on Kwajalein atoll in the Marshall Islands, about 4,000 miles away.

Debris from the three-stage, solid-fuel launch vehicle rained down on the state-owned launch facility. No one was injured but buildings were damaged, said Craig Campbell, president and chief executive officer of Alaska Aerospace Corp.

Damage is visible at the Kodiak Launch Complex after a rocket launch was aborted early Monday morning, August 25, 2014, at the site. The rocket was carrying an Advanced Hypersonic Weapon, a glider that once launched from a rocket flies a non-ballistic trajectory to its target. The flight was terminated less than four seconds after the launch. The launch was controlled remotely -- no people were in the buildings shown in the photo at the time of the launch. | Photo by Eric Schwantes (click to enlarge)

Can you say "Oopsie"?

25 August 2014

I Knew It!

I Hardly Even Notice Them

What?? They Didn't Hunker in Place?

Troopers: McCarthy locals disarm man who showed up at lodge with gun

When a 33-year-old man reportedly showed up in the isolated town of McCarthy with a gun threatening to kill the owner of the McCarthy Lodge on Saturday afternoon, neighbors jumped into the fray, subduing him until Alaska State Troopers arrived.

No one was hurt in the incident, troopers said in an online dispatch.

... “A number of community members, it kind of floored me, said ‘don’t come out of the house. Lock your doors,' " [Neil Darish, the lodge owner] said. “And they were standing in the street, trying to disarm him.”

One man even walked down to the river with Pratt, talking with him and trying to get him to drop the gun, Darish said.

Community members held the man until troopers arrived.

Alaska. Gotta love it!