08 February 2016

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Gun Rights Movement. And It's Winning.


 Over the last few months, an important drama has played out in the state of Virginia. As leaders of the gun-control movement looked to prove to Democrats that their issue can move voters, they settled on Virginia as their guinea pig. After a failed election and a relatively inconsequential executive action on guns from Clintonite governor Terry McAuliffe, their experiments culminated in a bold move: unilateral action from the Democratic attorney general that broke the state’s concealed-carry reciprocity agreement (in this agreement, Virginia’s concealed-carry permits were honored by 25 other states).Then, on Friday, that action was undone by a deal between McAuliffe and Republicans. 

More embarrassingly for the gun-control advocates, new details Friday revealed that the McAuliffe–Republican deal was more expansive than was first reported. Not only did the deal reverse the Democrats’ unilateral action and restore all 25 of the reciprocity deals; it also mandated that Virginia recognize permits from all states and create reciprocity agreements with every state that wants one.

The deal is a leap forward for gun-rights activists. It also undermines Democrats’ effort to present gun control as a winning issue in the state and nationally. As a movement, gun control never made much sense — it has faced one setback after another over many decades. But it nonetheless carried on full-steam ahead, and gun-control activists believed that 2016 would be the year they finally turned things around.

Their belief is proving misplaced, as polls are showing a sharp turnaround in Americans’ attitudes on guns. Up to this point, most Americans believed that guns were “too easy” to get. Up to this point, most Americans wanted to ban so-called assault weapons. The opposite is true now, and even a historic front-page New York Times anti-gun editorial hasn’t changed that. Today, most Americans are on board with concealed carry. If that’s not enough, we’re also seeing record levels of gun sales across the country.
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Wild Bill: Civilian Crime Fighters?

Police Blotter: There Be Monsters Here

Drunken homeowner asked that two women be barred from his home for the next year. An officer reminded the drunk that he often makes such requests only to rescind them the next day, and told him to call police again when he's sober if he still wishes to take that course of action.

Suspicious Person/Activity
A drunken man phoned police and said he was naked, cold, and exposing himself to passing vehicles and in need of assistance. He was unable to name or describe his location. Officers searched the common and not so common haunts of naked drunks but did not find the man in question. No other calls were received from the man.

Brother called to report his inebriated sibling had attacked him with a cane. Officers responded to the residence and a witness said no assault had occurred.

Welfare Check
Inebriated brother called to report that something was wrong with his inebriated sibling. Officers responded to the residence and were told that a pretty woman was doing things with his sibling.

Assistance Rendered
[Six hours later - Ed.] Inebriated brother called to report his inebriated sibling had told him to shut up. Officers responded to the residence and found the two were arguing about a pretty woman.

A man reported that $400 had been stolen from his sweatpants while he was sleeping in them. The man's roommates denied taking the money, and none of the missing cash was located. Under investigation.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Driver reported a stumbling, apparently intoxicated man in the roadway. Officers found the inebriate in question sitting on the side of the roadway and ensured that he was capable of walking the remaining 200 yards to his residence.

Welfare Check
Officer checked the airport terminal after multiple 911 calls were received from a pay phone at that location. The officer was told by one child that another child had seen a monster and so had phoned 911. The officer did not find any of the aforesaid monsters in the terminal.

07 February 2016

New Router, No Worries

It was the router. Its replacement - same make and model - works as advertised.

It's quite a relief. That's all four family members without wifi for their various and sundry devices, for over 24 hours. Those with addiction to said things (like Younger Daughter - heh) had to go cold turkey. :)

That said, all is back to normal. And we, who aren't addicted at all (wink, wink) can go back to Netflix and watch Bones.

Having said all that, it's a bit disturbing that one can plop down $120 for a new device, and have it fail spectacularly right out of the box. It seems quality control isn't really a thing at Netgear.

Ah, well ... caveat emptor.