21 February 2017

You May Be An Alaskan

If you have a bag of kitty litter in the trunk of your car, but you don't own a cat, you probably live in Alaska.

If you own a BBQ grill that is buried in the snow and it doesn't stop you from grilling, you might be an Alaskan.

If you own numerous tools by numerous manufacturers, but still none of them equal a matching set, you probably live in Alaska.

If you have gas heat in your home but you still own both an electric heater and a propane heater, you might be an Alaskan.

If you spend more time in your grow room then in your actual bedroom, because it's the warmest place in the house, you might live in Alaska.

If the entry way to your home doubles as a refrigerator, and sometimes even a freezer, you probably live in Alaska.

If you store the ice for your weekend parties out on the back porch, you might be an Alaskan.

If you keep your old potatoes and your old tires for planting come spring, you probably live in Alaska.

If you use a wet rag in place of Swiffer wipes on your Swiffer mop, you might be an Alaskan.

If your blankets, even the nice ones, double as blackout curtains, you probably live in Alaska.

If you use your old 200lb. console TV for weight in the back of your truck, instead of sandbags, you might be an Alaskan.

If you use duct tape to detail and customize your car instead of actually getting a paint or detail job done, you probably are an Alaskan.

If you made yourself a duct tape wallet, or a pair of duct tape sandals, instead of buying new ones, you probably are an Alaskan.

If you own a custom coffee table, a leather couch, and a king bed and you didn't have to pay more than $20 in gas for any of it, you probably live in Alaska.

If your idea of a 4-6 inch snow storm is just a "dusting," you probably live in Alaska.

If you don't wash your car or truck anymore because the dirt is the only thing holding it together, you might be an Alaskan.

If you believe in only 2 seasons, "hunting season" and "waiting for hunting season," you might be an Alaskan.

If you found your last 3 jobs, your last car, and your last girlfriend on Craigslist, you probably live in Alaska.

20 February 2017

Okay, NOW We're Tired

My wife and I both worked full days today, then came home and tackled the snow in the driveway. The long winter season, the amount of snow we've gotten this time 'round (above average), and the comings and goings of four vehicles, have contributed to quite a series of ridges and hollows for the length of the drive. All 275' of it.

Consequently, it's getting more difficult to wrestle the snowblower back and forth.

The snowplow (i.e., a large dump truck with a humongous blade) had already plowed both ends of the driveway closed. These new berms were 16" to 18" high, and four feet wide. That "adequate" snowblower I described in previous posts, almost wasn't.

If we weren't trying to pay off our upcoming hotel vacation stays in advance - a sizable chunk - I'd have ordered the new snow-beast already.

I'm pretty sure my nonstop narrative about the snow is less-than-fascinating for most of you, if not all. Sorry 'bout that. That topic pretty much dominates our lives during the heavy snowfall season.

And if all the above weren't enough, it seems there's a short in the 120-volt circuit for my truck's block heater. I've tried different extension cords, but the GFCI receptacle continues to trip no matter which one I use. Younger Daughter's works just fine, for the record, so that only leaves mine. And it's supposed to be -7 tonight. Oh well, at least the auto-start still works. :)

Thanks for stopping by, friends.

Police Blotter: Drunk, Disorderly Disturbance

Disorderly Conduct
An inebriated customer threw his fruit salad on the floor of a grocery store and cursed at employees. An officer advised the drunk, per store management, that he would be barred from the store if he continued his immature behavior.

Assistance Rendered
Taxi driver asked for police assistance because a passenger had fallen asleep in her cab and she did not know what she should do. An officer responded and woke the passenger, who shouted obscenities at the officer before getting out of the taxi.

Disorderly Conduct
An officer happened upon a melee in front of the Harbor View Bar. [Two men] were both arrested for Disorderly Conduct. [A woman] was arrested for Interfering with an Arrest. Officers learned that the fracas began after two groups of people engaged in name-calling.

Assistance Rendered (Disorderly Conduct)
PCR staff requested assistance removing a man who keeps interfering with a volleyball game. An officer advised the man, who did not feel his behavior was problematic, that PCR staff and referees are responsible for determining whether his behavior is disruptive.

Several people involved in a brawl at the Harbor View Bar were advised, per Unisea Security, that they were not welcome on Unisea property for a period of one year.

Drunk Disturbance
Officer contacted three drunks at the Harbor View Bar after observing them behaving aggressively with one another on two separate occasions. One of the men said another man had shoved him in the head and both other men had harassed him. The other men denied any wrongdoing. All parties were warned about such behavior continuing.

An extremely intoxicated woman told police that her bodyguard had stolen $380, then $480, from her pocket tonight. The woman, who at one point passed out in the bunkhouse hallway as the officer was investigating, was extremely unhappy about her money not being found on her bodyguard or any of the other people with whom she had been partying this night and repeatedly attempted to instruct the officer on how best to perform his duties. The allegedly missing money was not located.

More Snow? Yep.

Mother Nature is going out of her way to make up for the last three almost-snowless winters. We got another 9" over night, making a total of 17" for the weekend. That puts us well ahead of average for the winter.

I tried really hard to justify staying home this morning, but couldn't quite convince myself. As it turns out, the drive into town wasn't bad, primarily because it's a holiday and many aren't working.

That was okay with me.

Meanwhile, it's only 16°, and AccuHunch guesses we'll have falling temps today. They're calling for -7 overnight, so maybe they'll get lucky and call this one correctly.

But since I'm at work, I probably ought to do something about that, first. I mean, as long as I'm here, and all ...