15 April 2014

Just Tired, I Guess

The consecutive weekends of moving furniture, painting, moving furniture again, assembling new furniture (I didn't mention my wife's display shelving, did I?), removing & then re-hanging art, photos, etc ...

I think it all caught up with us. I'm just gonna sit & stare at the shows we've recorded on the good ol' DVR tonight.

Later, folks; I sure do appreciate you stopping by, as always.

The Next Time You Fly

maybe you'll get a flight attendant with this sense of humor:

Light Posting Today

14 April 2014

A Couple More Things

Primus: all the various photos, pictures, and assorted artwork is now hung, and my wife has pronounced it good.  And as you married fellas can attest, that means she's at peace. Which means I am, too. :)

Secundus: my Navy buddy Petro, inventor of the Wolverine Tree Seats which I featured here many moons ago, just found out that they're going to be featured on Season To Season Outdoors. It's a program on KMOS-TV Channel 6.1.

Petro said, "He wants to feature my seat on his live show this Sunday and use my seat on a filmed turkey hunt next week."

Is that cool, or what?

You Know What They Say

about coincidences:
A 24-year-old woman incarcerated at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center was found dead in her cell Thursday, the Alaska Bureau of Investigation said. 

Amanda Kernak, of Kokhanok, was the second young inmate to die in an Alaska correctional facility within a week.  [emphasis added]