31 July 2014

"Public Enemies 1, 2 & 3"

Food for Thought

A conversation with a friend brought up the subject of old regrets, and he mentioned a Facebook page called "I Wish Life Had an Un-do Button".

Real life doesn't work like that, though. We all have regrets, and might-have-beens. An old flame ... old arguments ... broken relationships ... ill-considered job choices ... harsh words, or whatever. You can't go back and change it. No amount of daydreams, wishing, or tears will make it different.

What was, was, and you can't change that. All we have is now, and we must try to make it as good as we can.

Consider the words that you're about to speak; one of the wisest things any human can learn is, "Just because it goes through your head, doesn't mean it should come out of your mouth."

Another way to put that is, "Watch the way you talk. Let nothing foul or dirty come out of your mouth. Say only what helps, each word a gift.*"

If the people around you are worth keeping around, then you must learn to speak gracefully. Don't burn your bridges ... and you know what they say about "stepping on the little guy".

Learn to think twice before speaking, and if you're angry, three or four times. My friend was expressing regret for a conversation that took place in 1974, and how that had seemingly changed the course of his life. Stuff happens, and often for good reason, but sometimes it happens because of one's own mistakes.

If we neither learn from them nor make amends for them, then we will live a sad life.

If you love someone, tell them. Don't spend your life regretting a missed opportunity; we've all done it, and it's not pretty. Be gracious, as often as you can. Be polite, and smile when it's appropriate. It sounds trite, but you never know whether your smile might be the only one that person got, that day. It could make a huge difference to them, and costs you only a moment.

Like I said, just a thought.

*Ephesians 4:29

30 July 2014


It's 73 degrees today ... and we've had plenty of rain recently, so it ain't drought.

But as I pulled into the driveway, a couple of yellow things landed on my windshield. I looked up, and sho' nuff the trees have a smattering of yellowing leaves on them.

It's only the end of July, but looks like Fall cometh.

Dang it.

Not my yard, and not a fair representation of what's on the trees ... yet. Give it another four to six weeks, though.

So You Think You Live Off the Beaten Path?

How about 354 air miles from the hospital, in an area with no roads?

Rural Woman in Labor Assisted by Multiple Agencies

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

In a multiple agency effort, a Nulato woman experiencing early labor symptoms was transported to Anchorage for emergency care, despite bad weather, aircraft issues, and the rural location of the village.

According to Senior Master Sgt. Rob Carte, the Alaska Rescue Coordination Center was contacted by LifeMed at 7:45 a.m. Monday about a Nulato woman who was 25 weeks pregnant with twins and experiencing early labor symptoms. LifeMed was unable to reach the village due to bad weather.

“The combination of our HC-130 and HH-60 rescue teams can often get into locations in Alaska where other aircraft cannot due to bad weather,” Carte explained. “With Forward Looking Infrared Radar technology and highly experienced aircrews, the Air National Guard is often the most technologically advanced search and rescue organization in the state.”

The two aircraft team was unable to reach Nulato, however. Midway into the mission, the helicopter encountered a mechanical issue, and the HC-130 plane was unable to land at the airport due to the condition of the gravel runway.

“Ultimately, we turned to the Bureau of Land Management’s Alaska Fire Service for help,” Carte said. “The nearest military helicopter was in Nome, so the BLM airplane was much closer.”

The crew from the HC-130 accompanied crew of the new plane, contracted from Suburban Air in Galena. They were finally able to reach Nulato and began treating the woman at 1:30 p.m.

Read the rest here.

FYI, 90% of the villages in Alaska are not connected to the road system. Access is by air only, unless it's a coastal area, in which case you can get barge service.

29 July 2014

Alaska Pictures

Our local NBC affiliate, KTTU Channel 2, has a "picture of the day" feature whereby viewers can post their own photos. Those pictures aren't all award-winners, but many of them are quite good.

Here are a few:

Go here to see them all.