25 May 2016

Over the Hump

I probably should have stayed home yesterday, but I so rarely take a day off that I forgot about it until lunchtime. Didn't feel good at all, though, and doubt I was much good to anyone.

But while I'm still a bit under the weather today, so to speak, things are much improved. At least I can keep my eyes open. I've lost my voice from coughing so much; some folks probably think that's an improvement. :)

I selected a mobile mechanic, based on some on-line reviews, and got my truck's cooling system repaired last night. The guy was professional, knowledgeable, and quick. All things considered, while it turned out to be something I could have done myself, I didn't know that at the time. It would have cost me considerably more time to get things taken care of, and much cheaper than calling a tow truck.

But experience is a great teacher, and it's not the first time I've dealt with wonky cooling systems. I brought along a gallon of 50/50 antifreeze mix this morning, and after watching the temp gauge go up and down a bit on the drive to work, topped off the overflow reservoir again when I got here. That should be the end of the troubles (he said, hopefully).

So I have a bunch of elevator techs scheduled to appear today, to make some city-mandated repairs to those things. I'd prefer Star Trek-style turbo lifts, but apparently they haven't been invented yet.

Darned inconvenient, that.

24 May 2016

Wild Bill: Proper Burkha Use


I don't have anything to post this morning.

Between packing, cleaning, moving, cleaning, unpacking, cleaning again, and placing furniture, I've not even had time to address some minor boo-boos formed when I fell down the stairs.

Then ... oh, wait. I haven't mentioned that, have I?

No big deal: I slipped off the edge of a riser a couple of steps above the ground floor, while descending, and went hey presto, found myself on said floor. These things happen. No lasting damage, so it could have been worse.

Then on the way home yesterday, I blew a radiator hose about a block from my driveway. It could have been worse.

And this morning, I have what appears to be a summer cold - watery eyes, sneezing and coughing ... I think I need a day off. So I don't have anything prepared to write about.

I'm in reasonably good shape for the shape I'm in, but humanity will have to survive without me for another day. Y'all take care; thanks for stopping by.


23 May 2016

Police Blotter: Drunk and/or Disorderly

Disorderly Conduct
An intoxicated man, who believed his roommate was not keeping their stateroom as clean as required by their captain, moved his roommate's belongings into a common area and then threw a tantrum when he was chastised about his behavior. The captain, who did not wish to fire the inebriate, determined that a time-out was in order and arranged for the inebriate to stay elsewhere for the night.

[A man], 35 yoa, of Washington, was arrested for Driving under the Influence after he failed to yield to an ambulance that was traveling with lights and siren activated. [The man] also failed to stop for police officers until he arrived at the clinic, where he had hoped to visit an injured comrade.

Traffic Roads
Officer advised three men who were using a fishing buoy to play soccer in the roadway that though flat ground is a rare commodity in this community, the roadway does not constitute a viable option.

Assistance Rendered
Officer stopped a speeding driver and learned she was on her way to help an intoxicated friend who had cut himself while preparing food. She was unclear about the extent of the man's injuries. The officer responded to the residence and found that the inebriated and impolite man had already bandaged his wounded digit. The inebriate used language that made it quite clear that the officer was most unwelcome at his residence.

Traffic Crime
Caller reported a driver had nearly struck several vehicles on Salmon Way. An officer contacted the suspect driver, who appeared totally unaware of his very poor driving, and warned him to drive more carefully in the near future.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Business owner requested police assistance with a customer who believed he had purchased a faulty product and whose behavior was disruptive. The customer left after an officer provided him with information about how to properly activate his new equipment.

Driver One complained that Driver Two had stopped in the middle of the roadway and made threatening statements to him. Driver Two claimed that the Driver One and his passengers had cut him off and had then jeered and made rude gestures at him when he yelled at them. Both drivers were advised to behave like responsible adults.

Criminal Mischief
Two drunken crewman who had already been asked to leave the Harbor View Bar due to their inimical behavior returned to their vessel and engaged in repeated displays of machismo, strewing one another's belongings about a stateroom, punching one another, breaking sunglasses and agreeing to meet on the dock for a duel to settle their differences. Neither man wished to pursue charges against the other. The captain of the vessel agreed to deal with his two model employees in the morning, but was perturbed that neither of them would be spending the night in jail.