28 August 2016

Yard Work, in Pictures

Friday morning

Sunday morning

I told you the leaves are falling rapidly. But 45 minutes with a 210 mph leaf blower, and they're 95% somewhere else, now. :)

The Morning After

Good morning, everyone, and happy Sunday!

We're a little stiff and sore this morning, from yesterday's unaccustomed activity. But nothing that ibuprofen can't handle. I think.

Now that we've had a couple of rain-free days, the back yard is finally dry enough to mow. And there's a fairly substantial carpet of leaves on the driveway which will require the services of a leaf-blower. Have I mentioned the driveway is roughly 270 feet long?

The newly rocked-in area looks nice, and has changed the appearance of the front yard from "barely reclaimed from the forest" to "somebody lives here and is taking care of the place." I'll get a picture of it today, to show before-and-after shots in a later post.

Anyway, it's time for another cup of coffee. We've only just now gotten both eyes open and focused at the same time.

Have a wonderful day, my friends; thanks for stopping by.

27 August 2016

AAR: Yardwork

Rock was delivered at 0845. The dump truck driver just got out of the Marines, after 10 years and "too many" tours in the sandbox. He still had the white sidewalls, although they're starting to fill in. We had a brief but good conversation about the modern military versus the 'Nam era, and jungle versus desert warfare. (Main difference: humidity, leeches, and mosquitoes.)

Some 11,200 lbs of 2" rock later, the job was completed at 1300 hrs.

We added approx. 630 sq ft to the driveway. The rock's 3" deep in the parking pad area, and roughly 2" deep everywhere else. Now we've decided that the rest of the yard work can wait another day.

Lunch followed completion, and now it's time to go hit the recliner, 'cause my dogs are barking! (And hips, knees, lower back, and an occasional cramp in a forearm or two.)

The Weekend

The load of 2" gravel will be delivered around 0900, so it's going to be an active morning. I've got an extra rake and shovel if y'all wanta stop by and lend a hand with the driveway project. :)

But first, methinks a hearty breakfast is in order.