25 January 2015


It was -1° F. when we got up at 0600. As I sit here at my desk, the temp has dropped to -3. So you know what sounds good?


I think we'll have cinnamon chip pancakes for breakfast. After that, maybe a run over to Cabela's. Who's with me?


24 January 2015

What REALLY Kills Alaskans?

In an effort to hype its phony reality TV show "Ultimate Survival Alaska,'' the National Geographic Channel has come up with a nifty list of nine of the 10 accidents least likely to kill people in the 49th state.
Only it isn't packaging these minimal risk dangers in that way. Oh no. The channel's website is hyping "10 Ways to Die in Alaska,'' noting the state's tragically high accidental death rate.

"Alaska's rate of 49 accidental deaths per 100,000 inhabitants is 20 percent higher than the national average,'' says its website. "That's not too surprising, considering that the northernmost state has so many natural hazards — steep mountain gorges, icy rivers and streams, sometimes treacherous roads, hungry bears and massive moose, and remote areas where it's hard to get help if you’re injured or run out of food and water. And if those risks aren't intimidating enough, there’s the danger of an avalanche, or the remote chance of a volcanic eruption or a massive earthquake."

The first sentence is true. The second is a crazy mixture of facts and make-believe.

Follow this link to read the whole story.

It's Cold Outside

The snow wasn't nearly as much as threatened, but at least we got some. The aftermath, however, is a stiff northwest breeze, 14 degrees, and falling temps all day. Below zero tonight, high tomorrow 5 above, and low tomorrow night: -10 to -20.

Time to break out the parka.

And now, it's off to Saturday morning shopping.